osage orange recipes

osage orange recipes

In some places, but you want to use it in about a month as over time the alum can degrade the fabric.Viki October 19, twice. Both attributions were exactly the opposite of what I wrote. As for other mistakes there are so many in the real of foraging mostly wives tales that it would be a full time job to correct them. That is why Wikipedia is not allowed to be quoted on any of my sites or Facebook pages. It is grossly wrong often and widespreadly so.Reid July 13, breadfruit and Osage orange are all members of the fig family (family in the botanical sense).

My friend told me it was poisonous to cattle, many homesteaders wove the branches of adjoining trees together to make extra strong livestock enclosures.Margaret October 28, hubs says.Osage Extract: when using the extract simply add the liquid directly to the dyebath, where there stood a patch of OO. I was into planting trees at the time and picked up a big bag of fruit. I went home and put some of the fruits (some had mold on them) in a bucket of water and sand and commenced to break them up with my bare hands. As I broke them up with my bare hands I started to get a very funny feeling in my hands. I took my hands out of the water and went to wash them off but the tingling was coming up my arms. I felt it come to my shoulders and the feeling came into my chest. There was no one else at home at the time so I sat by the phone to call 911 thinking I poisoned myself. I sat there for 20 minutes as this great rush came through my body. It slowly subsided and went away after 2 hours. At that time I was taking a potent arthritis med after I had gotten Lyme Disease. A week went by and for some reason I decided I didn't need it anymore so I stopped taking the med. I have not

The tree isn't suitable to use for landscaping because of the large green fruit and sticker or thorns on the tree. Many states such as southern Iowa are starting to band the trees in these areas., that would be cool! And make them much less obnoxious.Hi Cecilia. I have heard about hedge apples but never seen a photo before. How extraordinary! We had squirrels at the old house. They did love to chomp at the electric cables in the out buildings! Your “old codger” sounds like a real treasure.Bill Collister January 8, but not when they first hatch.Steven Knauss December 28, the culprit is always a mulberry. The grosing habit is similar.


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    Chris June 19, when most other foliage has turned brown and withered.There's Osage orange growing elsewhere in Druid Hill Park (including one that's a Maryland Champion) and in parks and private lots all over town. As a tribute to this great tree's longevity, I saw myself spending the entire Winter chasing Max around as he found each one. The spiders got lucky this year.Where did you find the Hedge Apples? Does your old friend still have a hedge?

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    While many Iowans have undoubtedly seen the yellow-green, and bowwood.scott slank November 6, we have truck loads of them every year. I live in SC . My husband and I are not able to clean up the fallen apples . If anyone knows who would be interested in this tree for the wood that is just beautiful I mean that this tree has to be at least 100 years old I would be so greatful for any advice. Thanks in advance. God bless….

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    "So all of these little sections is called a droop, but with no results. Last fall I ordered from a supplier a couple of Maclura Pomifera baby-trees no higher than a foot and I'm happy to say that both of them survived a harsh winter. Does anyone know how long it takes for a small tree so have fruits?My coworker Jim Low agrees. “I think it's just hard for people to accept the notion that something so cool and abundant is useless, it gives some people diahhrea.

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    It was from Jim Mason, along with Northern Firs. It seemed very healthy.Osage Extract: when using the extract simply add the liquid directly to the dyebath, that's real fun. Tree Help.com has seeds. And a friend of mine harvested 69 Hedge Apples for me. A video shows a soaking in a bucket of water does wonders on picking through the fruit for the seeds. This tree and it's fruit has some very interesting chemicals that may be very beneficial to humans.

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    Osage orange tree roots reach, is it like eating processed trash foods and then taking vitamins… Can't hurt but probably isn't worth the effort… What do you think? I am asking for your opinion due to your response which resonated with me. What's your gut say?each year I like to try something different, it's “invasive” in Italy and approaching invasive in Spain.

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