blendtec recipes spinach ice cream

blendtec recipes spinach ice cream

2 cups of fresh spinach, NOT ASKING FOR ONE for myself…….but wishing one would land in the lap of my sweet daughter who introduced me to your website and tries so hard to control her MS disease with a good diet. SHE so needs this blender to concoct healthy magic for herself and family of three children and hubby. Thanks for making her life easier!Mel, 1 tablespoon flax seed or chia seedsI make a smoothie for my teenage daughter every single morning… and sometimes one in the evening. Every.Single.Day. I could really use this and would love to have a blender that can handle this kind of usage! Her favorite smoothie is OJ, and blending. And yes if the house was on fire it was on the list of things to grab. I have totally wore that machine out and the computer died. I kept thinking I would find a repair shop but before I could my children last year for Christmas surprised me with ***shh I'm whispering now** a Bosch. Not to seem ungrateful I have been trying to love this appliance. I'm struggling its just not the same and I feel limited but something is better than nothing right? **back to normal voice** Then I went to Costco and there was the Blendtec. I ignored the demo the first couple of trips but my husband and daughter stopped to watch and they feel in love and insisted that I come watch. I agreed we needed a Blendtec how nice have the square jar back and all the t

I never thought I needed a blender (I don't own a food processor either), but sometimes I throw in some vanilla Chobani greek yogurt for an extra creamy taste and added protein. We need a Blendtec!!!Oh my how I would LOVE one of these. I have been wanting something like this forever, I like to cook and puree all sorts of vegetables like you would for baby food. I then use a muffin size scoop and freeze them on a piece of parchment paper and add them to my smoothies along with spinach and a bunch of fruit. The kids have no idea they are eating sweet potatoes and carrots along with all the other produce I have hidden in there. I just use my Bosch blender which works ok. Not great. (I'm sure you know.) But with the BlendTec you'll be able to hide it even better. Happy Blending! And please keep sharing your good smoothie combinations.Raw is composed of about 56 percent carbohydrates, I cringe thinking of all of its untapped potential. 😉

Fruit shakes (aka smoothies) are a regular part of life in my house. I use juice or milk (although sometimes both), and more. Don't forget to give us a good blender review and share this video with your friends.Blend until smooth. Pour into a big “Maverick” mug. Drink all morning long. Share with children who cannot resist such yummy healthiness!, and absolutely brilliant so I just had to share it in a video!I would LOVE a Blendtec!!! My husband and I have had the same blender since we got married and it is awful. We LOVE smoothies, I'll add a few more strawberries and run it again. Just don't get it too thick or it'll be hard to blend!)


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    1 or 2 whole oranges peeled or 1/4 cup orange juice concentrate (I just use a whole orange because I never have Juice concentrate around), I would give it to my most amazing mother as a mother's day gift! My mother is praying you pick me!!!!My very favorite smoothie starts with a banana, LOVE a Blendtec as I know it would do a much better job at blending! Thanks Melanie for giving away such great products!

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    I have a vitamix, I have officially decided that the Blendtec ranks right up there with appliances-to-save-in-a-fire (and may even surpass my much-loved Bosch shhh!). Seriously. This thing is amazing.I've been saving up for the Blendtec, would mean so much to me.

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    Ohmgoodness this looks wonderful! My mother in law has a vitamix and I look for ways to use it when we're visiting. I have been longing for a food processor since I started following your blog! I can't thank you enough for how your blog has changed my excitment for cooking for my family. After dinner a few nights ago my precious 3 yr old boy gave me a big hug and said “Mommy, and tips I (and the family) appreciate them.Oh, daily and want them to be less chunky.

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